As an HR consultancy, we specialize in providing employment legal advice. We help your organization to comply with employment law regulations and legislation and provide support in resolving any employment disputes.

We have in-depth knowledge of employment law and other laws and regulations. This allows us to provide you with sound advice on a wide range of employment law topics, such as harmonization of employment conditions, transfer of undertaking, takeovers/TUPE, absenteeism (conflict) guidance, reintegration, settlement agreements, fees and compensation, dismissal, transition and redundancy schemes .

We offer you a flexible and tailor-made service, appropriate to the specific situation of the organization. We advise in a pragmatic manner, aiming for a quick and efficient solution of any labor disputes and de-escalation. Our advice is always aimed at maintaining a good working relationship or we strive for a suitable arrangement between employer and employee.

In addition to our advisory services, we also provide support in drafting and implementing employment conditions and policies, so that organizations can feel confident that they comply with laws and regulations.

With our employment legal services, you can protect your organization against labor disputes, limit risks and guarantee an efficient settlement of any conflicts. We are always ready to assist you and act as legal advisor for your organization, please feel free to contact us for more information.