We offer professional advice in the field of working conditions and absenteeism. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of occupational health and safety legislation and can help your organization reduce absenteeism and improve working conditions.

Absenteeism can have a significant impact on an organization’s productivity and costs. We have years of experience in analyzing absenteeism and occupational health and safety-related problems and developing practical solutions. For example, we advise on absenteeism policy, occupational health and safety procedures, absenteeism interviews, absenteeism guidance, reintegration and absenteeism schemes.

Our occupational health and safety services are aimed at reducing absenteeism and improving working conditions. In this way we contribute to a healthy and safe working environment, where employees feel good and can work productively. Our advice is practical and aimed at maintaining a good working relationship between employer and employee.

We help your organization to implement prevention measures to prevent absenteeism. We advise on the right procedure and approach for absent employees, whether it concerns a short or long-term absence.

We are ready to advise you on working conditions and absenteeism. Contact us for more information on how we can support you.