As experienced HR professionals, we understand how important it is to draw up clear and legally watertight employment contracts for your organization. An employment contract is the basis for a good working relationship between employer and employee. It creates clarity in the agreed upon terms.

Thanks to our years of experience in drawing up employment contracts, we can help your organization draw up contracts that match your specific situation and business. We advise you on the various contract forms, such as a permanent or temporary contract, self-employed or Director-Major Shareholder agreements and on specific provisions such as a probationary period, non-competition clauses and social media clauses.

Our approach is aimed at delivering practical and result-oriented solutions. We advise you in a language you understand, so that you clearly know where you stand. Our employment contracts are drawn up in accordance with the latest developments in employment law and current legislation and regulations.

Our service in drawing up employment contracts allows you to concentrate on your core business, while we ensure efficient solutions and continuity of your HR process. Our employment contracts also provide clarity in any employment disputes, so that you can feel confident that your organization is in compliance with the laws and regulations.

We are ready to help you draw up employment contracts that match the unique situation of your organization. Contact us for more information about our services and how we can support you.